Queen Nnenna Okorie, Nigeria’s most beautiful diva and main model, is scheduled for her humanitarian project labeled ‘Love Is Bliss’, where she intends to reach no less than 1,000 children in Umuahia by giving educational and gift items.

Love is the initiator of the Bliss program, Nnenna Okorie, who used this opportunity to inform the media about the progress. So far, the main objective of this project is to help children and young people see the importance of education at this young age.

The project, which has been announced to begin on July 15, will begin in two orphanage homes in the state of Abia, which after two weeks will extend its reach to more than 10 high schools in the state.

She solicited the support of animated individuals, corporate entities, government, foundations, local and international donors to fund these projects, so that she can reach more children throughout the state.


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