A 28-year-old man, Mr. Nurudeen Iliyasu, climbs a telecommunications mast in Abuja to protest against the country’s bad economy.

The News Agency of Nigeria reports that the man was seen on the top of the mast around noon on Wednesday in AYA, Abuja.

NAN also reports that there were posters with different inscriptions along the path of AYA and at the foot of the mast, which read: “Another hope betrayed beaten, mutilated with a collapsed economy.”

Others include, “inflation and hunger are killing Nigerians,” “unemployment continues unabated” and “Nigeria is on the verge of collapse,” among others.

Lliyasu said he would remain on the mast for the next seven days, adding that he was ready to sacrifice his life for the progress of the country.

“I am on a hunger strike to protest and register my complaints about the situation in the country, I will stay here for the next seven days and I do not care if I die here.

“If dying on this mast will change the economy of this country, then I choose to die for others to live a good life.”

“I have not eaten for days and also other Nigerians, if I die in this mast I am not worried, there are no roads in the United States, only in the city of Abuja good roads can be seen.

“Doctors have said that a man can survive only with water without food for a few days, I think I can and if I can not, I’m going to die.”

Lliyasu said there was nothing that worked in the country and added that education, the health system and infrastructure are in poor condition.

He said he was in the transportation business and other businesses.

Mr. Ayuba Luka, the security agent in the area, told NAN that Lliyasu approached him and that he wanted to go up to the mast to warn him not to do it.

“He came to see me and I warned him not to climb that mast, but when I left the site he snuck up and got on.

“I was surprised when I came back and saw it in the highest part of the mast, I called my supervisor to take the necessary measures.”


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