There are several ways in which management of marketing activities of E-business differs from traditional marketing strategies of businesses. First point of difference to note between both business models is that one is usually conducted via the internet/web or through the use of ICT devices while the other uses a physical building/structure to conduct the sale of goods and services.

It is pertinent to state that both business models will employ different management techniques to target clients. There are 3 main differences the two models will coordinate and manage their activities. They are;


Marketing managers in E- business will have to manage a creative and skilled team such as photographers, designers, and models who will make use of eye-catching, colorful graphics to incite interests from consumers online, unlike the traditional business where managers could employ the use of soft music, refreshments, or a well -dressed sales man to help market goods and services in stores.

Also, since E-business requires a degree of experience on the use of modern ICT devices, it is possible to say that young tech savvy individuals are the most likely people to be affected by marketing managers in E business with products and services on the internet.

Thus, for E- marketing management, its team is usually designed to target young individuals who are extremely skilled in the use of ICT device, while traditional marketing management team will usually make use of tough, resilient, experienced, outspoken salesmen to implement marketing concepts.


Because buying online necessitates the use of items such as credit cards, E-business managers will have to put security concerns in all of its marketing strategies to convince consumers on their ability to ensure the safe guard of their personal information and transaction instruments.

Therefore due to the rising technological breaches in modern day ICT devices, managers of marketing strategy in E-business will tend to manage a host of web security experienced individuals round the clock to block the ever persistent fluid challenges of online transactions, unlike the traditional business that only need to manage less than a few security guards who will guard such properties.


Traditional marketing management team will make use of financial experts who use elaborate marketing strategies such as press conferences, parade, awareness programmes, clowns, radio, television and bill boards adverts which most times turn out to be expensive.

E-business managers don’t necessarily have to spend much on marketing campaigns as its ability to win consumers lies in its use of targeted marketing strategies such as search engine optimization, and email marketing to convert real traffic into paying customers and drive repeated purchases.

Therefore the traditional business will ensure its marketing teams will comprise of experts who can sort their way through huge volumes of time consuming data and analysis to get information on how customers behave in the market to push through its marketing campaigns. While E-marketing managers tend to spend less attention on this aspect as it is easy to track and monitor sales through marketing apps.


As business evolve in the 21st century through the integration of different economies and breaking of trade barriers between nations, it has potentially affected the way nations conduct their marketing and management techniques.

Find below the ways in which globalization has affected both business marketing and management operations and strategies;


Marketing and Management officials have since realized that the success of financial breakthrough in its conduct of business across borders will have to depend on its extent it appreciates and make use of ICT devices.

Due to the rapid advancement of technological platform such as social media, internet and modern ICT devices that can increasingly be able to connect to consumers anywhere in the world by the click of a button, marketing teams will have to design and structure more of its strategies online, while management teams in this millennium will organize, coordinate and manage people/ resources in virtual spheres as against physical board room techniques.


Global branding is the use of same logo, name and motto worldwide. The very essence is to ensure there is there is global recognition of a particular product which is used effectively with an increase in advertisement between countries to not only target tourists in foreign nations, but also to establish a prominent reputation among consumers all over the world.

Due to the acceptability and promotion of various goods and services by indigenous companies in foreign nations, marketing managers now have to design initiatives that give businesses, products and goods a global image.

This also gives management teams the ability to manage a lot people and resources across borders under one umbrella image. An example of this is the Coca-Cola or McDonald brands, which have remained consistent with its signature brand all around the world.


Due to globalization, marketing campaigns will need to organize their marketing strategies along legal requirement and structures of host nations. This is so because for businesses to exist in these nations, they must respect and follow prescribed procedures for conducting business.

An example is the fact that in some nations especially in Arab nations where they live a more conservative lifestyle, it is not permissible to sell or market substances such as alcohol, or tobacco.

Management teams will also be able to garner a lot of information about host countries, for the purpose of well understanding, edifying, and training of their staff.


Marketing managers will have to consider the socio-cultural environment on the host nation when considering marketing its goods and services across borders. Since the culture of the people lies in its identity, Marketing strategies will have to be developed based on proper analysis of the consumers lifestyles, mode of dressing, values, beliefs, culture and tradition so as to ensure its strategies connects with the demands of the consumers.

Globalization have also affected management teams in this regards as by law, businesses that seeks to establish in host nations, must employ a certain percentage of its indigenous people as workers.

Since, management teams will have to deal and interact with humans living in such society and communities, it is pertinent heads of management teams must understand the very environment, and people it intends to control and organize for profit.


Organisations in modern day use social media to perfect their marketing strategy when conducting international business. Social media does more than just to improve traffic in website, but provides an enabling environment where consumers can understand and learn about organisations marketing goals and objectives.

Before you begin creating a social media marketing campaigns, you need to first have a plan. By creating a social media marketing plan by examining what you tend to achieve, who your target consumer is, how you intend to achieve this process, and where your target consumer hang out are core question organisations must consider.

There are several social media strategies an organisation can use in marketing its contents. Each of these social networks has its own requirements. These social media strategies are;


Organisations can make use of Facebook platform for its social media strategy when conducting international business. A regular fan page can be created to ensure that your business conversations revolve around furthering your marketing strategy.

Organisations can make use of the likes and comment sections to analyse the preference of consumers towards a particular goal.


This social media platform also allows the same kind of casual environment Facebook provides by uploading and sharing photos, videos and links consumers can view. There is also the advantage that allows organisations to segment your audiences into smaller groups, enabling you to share information with key groups while barring others.

This form of social media strategy also makes use of natural searches. The natural searches will automatically reflect what has been said in Google + platform hence giving organisation maximum exposure.


This is the most recent social media marketing tool strategy being used by organisations that lets organisations broadcast their messages across the web. By following tweeters in related industry, organisations could also gain a steady followership as well.

Organisations should also make sure to retweet when a customer has something nice to say about your product and services. By using hashtags it allows content to appear to new people who are tracking and searching on related issues. The goal is always to initiate dialog as much as possible and try to build up on your followers for maximum exposure.


LinkedIn can be considered as one of the most professional social media strategy sites. This platform establishes professional images for organisation with people in similar industries and seeks to provide a platform to share content with like-minded people.

The major goal is for organisations to encourage their clients to recommend their linked in page.


This is one of the social media sites that is the best for creating video contents and by sharing its contents on line for the purpose of making it go viral in virtual sphere.

Organisations can determine to use slick, funny methods to make catchy videos so as to catch the attention of consumers. The more skilled in the ability to make videos that can incite interests, the better it will be able to project its marketing message.


Social media is an increasingly important tool and requirement used to increase an organisation profitability rate in modern day business environment. This is so as social media is widely used by almost all nations to communicate as well as buy and sell goods and services at the speed of a click.

Here are a few ways marketers can properly integrate the use of social media in modern business management across the world.


There are numerous social media apps which initially seem useful, but could become a burden on the marketing team. The first step of integrating social media in business management is to properly select the right social media app that would be relevant for effective implementation of strategies of products and services.

Unnecessary tools in apps must be ignored because it causes distractions. The marketer must identify the best app with the right innovations for use to properly target consumers when conducting international business.


For marketers to properly integrate social media into designs and implementation of its strategies, they must be able to design and create a lot of organisational content about the particular brand, and distribute it as widely as possible online.

The marketers will have to make sure such contents can be readily seen when searched online or through social media apps by using keys words in search engine optimization when designing such online content.


Marketers using social media in the conduct of international business must also use colorful and attractive images to sell their content or brands. Many social media apps actually limits the use of so many words, hence they will need to be able to use pictures to speak where words are often limited.

It is often said, pictures don’t lie. Marketers will have to use a lot of pictures and images to drive home its products and services to users of social media who are often easily dazzled by such.


Since your audience won’t be the exact number of people in the room, but rather audiences of the world, the marketer will have to use social media as a form of avenue where events can be hosted and seen around the world.

The good side of this is the fact that the event and presentations can be seen thousands of times as well as re shared by consumers. This will ultimately promote your organisation programs and events before it actually happen, as well as giving consumers the opportunity to share positive reviews on your website or page.


The marketer will have to use social media as a form of customer service program whereby consumer’s reactions concerning a product or goods can easily be collated and analysed.

The final phase of social media integration will enable marketers to be able to carry out market research analysis on consumer behavior and reactions to changes in products and services. Social media must be used in this process before it can properly be integrated into transactions of business internationally.

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